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September Forecast of Work Activity

Light pre-construction activities, such as surveying and potholing to confirm locations of existing underground utilities will be performed at various locations along the project corridor. By late September  activity is expected to start transitioning into the actual construction phase of the project. This website will be updated with more detailed schedule and activity location information as it becomes available.

Overall Project Schedule and Work Hours

The contract Notice-To-Proceed was issued July 9, 2018. The substantial completion deadline is June 7, 2020.  All new sewer pipelines need to be installed and able to transport wastewater by the substantial completion date.  Various construction closeout activities (e.g. pavement and landscaping restoration, punch-list work, etc.) are not contractually required to be completed by June 2020 and may continue for several months after substantial completion is achieved.  An aggressive schedule is required to substantially complete the project by June 2020.  Construction crews will need to work at many concurrent locations throughout the project.  Crews may need to work some weekends and holidays, and in some location crews may need to work night shifts.

Project Hotline: (808) 793-7184

Construction Information Bulletin

Download Info Bulletin No.1 (September 2018)

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